Baptismal Service

On Sunday 29th September we hosted a Baptismal Service for all those who wanted to go through the waters of Baptism. There were a total of 16 candidates who stepped forward. It proved to be a very special occassion, not only for the 16 who were Baptised, but for the several hundred friends and family members who were in attendance to encourage their loved ones on in their faith.

Baptism Candidates

Baptism Candidates

Youth Camp - Day 3

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the 1st Annual Tobermore Baptist Church Hunger Games. Today our teams were competing against each other for points in the Downhill Forest Park. Chased by hunters, they had to collect a number of items in return for points, while avoiding having their tags removed. 

Our Devotional centred around "Once upon a time... Jesus met Zacchaeus." Our yound people were challenged to be ready for the return of christ and in the meantime use the talents/gifts that they have for his purpose.  

Please pray that the Lord will continue to challenge our young people



Youth Camp 2013 - Day 1

Today the campers  moved into the church hall (boys) and girls guide hall (girls) successfully. After dinner they were split into their groups Pirates, Superheroes, Secret Agents and Cowboys, following their introduction via movie trailer to their team leaders. Campers were then given time to get to know each-other through group activities such as creating their group chant and signing their names on their group poster.  This was followed by a traditional trip to the promenade for ice cream.


Connect Mission Team - Wednesday 31st

Last night (Tuesday) went well in 'Almagro'. We had a good number of children come along to our program. After we danced and sang Dennis used the wordless cube to clearly present the gospel to those gathered around. The local missionaries then took over.

Today we had time to relax at the lakes and we will say goodbye to our Spanish friends after a BBQ at the 'Monescillo Mission Centre' tonight.

Pray that those who heard the gospel last night, possibly for the first time, will respond.

Pray for the Spanish pastors and young people who have been involved in the campaign

Pray for safe journey home tomorrow.

See you all very soon. 


Connect Mission Team - Tuesday 30th July

Monday night went to beautiful plaza in 'Los Infantes'. Many children came along to the activities. The musical was in a theatre and although numbers were smaller everyone was touched and many took literature. We pray the Lord will speak as these folk read the Gospel of Luke.

Tonight we are going to the picturesque town of 'Almagro '. This is the first time the evangelistic team has been to this town although the ladies prayer team has previously visited the town. Permission hasn't been granted for the team to perform the musical however we will do our children's programme and support a church plant ministry with South American missionaries.

Pray that through our program the missionaries will be encouraged and good contacts will be made that they can follow up.


Connect Mission Team - Valdepenas, Spain

Everything is going well with team connect...

Thursday and Friday nights were busy with lots of children and adults present. Saturday night the crowd was small, however those who stayed to watch the musical listened intently. We pray the Lord will speak on. On Sunday we took part in both church services. We all sang, Ryan and Ruby told their testimonies, Charlene, Zandra and Derek reported on their thoughts of the trip and Dennis preached. We have been touched by the kindness of our Spanish brothers and sisters.

Prayer points

Tonight we will be encouraging people to go inside to an auditorium to see our musical.  It will not be easy when weather is so beautiful outside. Tomorrow the permission has been withdrawn to use the plaza in the town we are to visit, pray that the Lord will intervene.

Thank you for praying for us

Holiday Bible Club - Report

This year we had a 'Jungle Jamboree' at our Holiday Bible Club. We transformed the hall into a jungle, complete with a 'Lion's Den sweetie stall' which provided plenty of fun and sugar rushes for the kids.

We studied several parables Jesus taught his disciples and learnt a new bible verse each day. Our programme also included a time for gaes and crafts. To cap it all off we were inspired at the end of each night by listening and watching the story of James Frazer, a brave and faithful missionary in China.

The last night (friday night) was our parents evening, and in order to make it a special ending to an unforgettable week, the kids enjoyed some ice-cream and bouncy castles.

A BIG thank-you to all the helpers who got involved and also to all the parents for allowing us the privilege of sharing Jesus with your children. 

Keep checking our website for any new activities and please remember that any of our programmes are open to you and your children. We would love to see you again.